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Good day,

just about 10 years ago, I wrote my first agile user stories for Automobile Bank in Cologne. Later, in a different project –I was hired as a Requirements Engineer– I noticed, that the rules for Scrum were being used to effectively hinder the communication of the team. How could that be?

During the 1,5 years of my education to become a Systemic Consultant for Organisations I have learned how to guide groups to communicate better and more effectively. These methods range from a simple group-moderation to complex coachings. One key element for it is visualisation and creative exchange of ideas/thoughts of every team member.

As Requirements Engineer it is also vital to collect the business requirements in a structured, comprehensible and measurable manner — and communicate these to the other stakeholder.

I am overwhelmingly convinced, that Agile leads to more and better productivity, more satisfaction for the client, for the team member and thus for the whole organisation.

Problematic and stressful situations are a speciality of mine, because I will keep a calm and cool mind. I will work with everyone involved to find a pragmatic and sustainable solution for the problem.This solution might be a little unorthodox. But with my deep understanding of human nature and my knowledge about the dynamics in group-processes and communications I take opposition serious and as a vital resource.

My offering: Coaching, Moderation, Requirements Engineering, Design Thinking, Scrum

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