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Alf Dobbert-Baums

Good day,

my name ist Alf Dobbert-Baums and I am a Systemic Organisation Consultant and Business Coach. I graduated 2015 at Artop - Institut at the Humboldt University in Berlin.

I have worked as a Usability Consultant and Requirements Engineer in international enterprises as a freelancer.

During my 20+ career I have noticed quite often, that an effective and enduring solution always emerged, when all the different organisational entities were involved and could give their unique perspectives to a project or problem; these perspective include business unit, marketing, usability, design, engineering.

A diligent moderation is a key element in gathering these differing perspectives in order for all to develop a common understanding, approach and strategy.

I utilise visualisations (UML, BPMN, EPK, etc.), different Question types, Flipcharts, Metaplan, Moderation Techniques, Coaching Methods, Workshops, etc.

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